Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Vintage Ring! The first time, I like it so much

Hej!(I saw it at Swede's Blog:D) Nowadays I want to learn Swedish or French so badly! I like to learn languages so I'm planning to learn Chinese and Japanese(Japanese is not a choice though) in a year. I speak only two languagesã…¡English and koreanã…¡now, But I'm going to speak at least 4 languages! I have a lot of things to learn and do in a year!
  • Fashion design
  • Japanes and Chinese
  • Maybe French as well
  • Going on a diet
  • Reading books as many as I can
  • Etc :P
I think many affairs will happen so I'm always excited about it although that will wear me out! Well, I'm talking drivel.. Anyway,I found kind of vintage brooch and It reminded me of making a vintage ring. So I made a ring. I don't have the picture of original brooch, but I have pictures of halfway of process.

  1. This picture is when I about had finished to make the ring. I stuck those small imitate diamonds around the yellow stone and I came close to sticking my fingers during this process! (I was proud of myself when I was taking this picture) 
  2. And the outcome! As you can see, Some diamonds had come off while I was taking away some useless parts at the rim of it , but It is kind of vintage, so it doesn't matter at all or It's better than a perfect shape haha:)
  3. I wore it immediately after I had finished to glue the stone with a ring that I had bought at a statoinery store. I do love my first work of jewelry! It saddens me that I can't wear this ring at my school all day long(Please Korea...Let me wear jewelries!).

And this is just a neat picture that I have taken in the stationery store when I went there to buy a ring. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Classic! I don't like Mickey Mouse or something like that but I like the color of it*


  1. The ring is brilliant, literally. You'll be able to pair with all kinds of fancy outfits. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

    1. Thanks Dear :D! I'm always considering that. And for sure, I will visit yours