Friday, 1 June 2012

Sleeveless shirts(Summer is coming up!)

Wow, already 2th June! Time flies haha :) And It's already my 9th post.... Here's getting hot and I need to go shopping with my fingers to the Internet world Yayyy(Or I will go shopping with my best male friend;the only person who loves shopping and hanging out everytime among my friends.) I'm going to buy sleevelesses in this summer, because I don't have any baggy sleeveless. I want the third one(right) from ROW. I had not heard about ROW before but my friend has introduced it to me just a few days ago. You'd better check ROW becuase there's a lot of things to enjoy!

Ladies and Gentle men, from now on, Here're sleevelesses that I want to get and take a photo shoot with wearing them right now!(I can't help imagining me with these) Make me shopping addict!



or I'd like to wear things like this.
*I need to go shopping right now*

But sadly, I don't have money and blogging is the only way I satisfy myself. you could help me with money to go shopping.. haha I'm wishing that I have decided to don't do-I wish I had enough money to buy all the stuffs that I want!

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