Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The life as a Korean High school student

First of all, I want to say that I'm not going to post often like before, because I need to prepare and study for my exams in this semester. I deseparately want to get a good grade at this exams! You guys will be flabbergasted if you get know about Korean education:-) Read it through if you want to feel that you're lucky!

I get to school around 8:20am(my school's pretty far from where I live so I need to wake up at 5:40am). And I finish all classes at 6pm, and study until 8~9pm in school. Do you think it sucks? Actually I'm very lucky than other ordinary students! Two of my friends're going to specialized school. They start to study at 8:00am; finish school at 11:50pm;) Yes, it sucks.

Especially in math. I already had finished function when I was 13 and of course finished Pythagorean theoram when I was 15. I'm learning an equation of higher degree and an imaginary quantity:-P but everyone(maybe except some geeks) studies in force to go to colleges(why the fuck is this neccassary?) Anyway, I need to study a lot of things; I have no time to post until I finish all my exams. Please good luck to me:)


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