Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer's coming up, but still It's cool and perfect time to go to a beach to join the wind and the smell of the sea

I went to a beach few days ago and after it, I have been so busy with everything. , I think I have accomplished a lot of things for a few days as well. Anyway, Let's talk about the day!

I was just so bored, so I had decided to go to the beach to do some of my homeworks. And I went! I could find that there're some people who were watching me studying on the beach. I didn't give a damn. I studied English words and now I don't remember what I have studied because I couldn't concentrate on it! The best part of this beach is where I was sitting(Except there're some flying bugs). 
Many people envy about my small town have got a beach, but in my humble opinion, it depends on how do you have a perspective of your town. You probably find some good places to take a rest.


(look at my weird and abberrantly small little finger!)

I have brought some beautiful and neat stones to draw something on it. I drew a unicorn and an angel. It was kind of hobby so I didn't do my best(Who doese their best just for their hobbies? Is there anyone?)I drew it with my 4B pencil so It's not good.

Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others. Do as you would be done by. 


  1. Beautiful pics! :)

    1. You're first person who leaves comment on my blog:D! So I'm so grateful about it(even though it's nothing to you)