Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The life as a Korean High school student

First of all, I want to say that I'm not going to post often like before, because I need to prepare and study for my exams in this semester. I deseparately want to get a good grade at this exams! You guys will be flabbergasted if you get know about Korean education:-) Read it through if you want to feel that you're lucky!

I get to school around 8:20am(my school's pretty far from where I live so I need to wake up at 5:40am). And I finish all classes at 6pm, and study until 8~9pm in school. Do you think it sucks? Actually I'm very lucky than other ordinary students! Two of my friends're going to specialized school. They start to study at 8:00am; finish school at 11:50pm;) Yes, it sucks.

Especially in math. I already had finished function when I was 13 and of course finished Pythagorean theoram when I was 15. I'm learning an equation of higher degree and an imaginary quantity:-P but everyone(maybe except some geeks) studies in force to go to colleges(why the fuck is this neccassary?) Anyway, I need to study a lot of things; I have no time to post until I finish all my exams. Please good luck to me:)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Working Hard at Midnight or Beautiful Saturday

※Pictures are really huge!!!!!!※

I have a lot of things to study and prepare for my last exams in this semester(Yay, the last!). But it worries me as well that I can't do anything later If I'm not on it. Even at midnight, I get up and draw or make something If I get inspired. So weird, but I have realized it through 16 years, my entire life. So I drew something yesterday! All I had was only white and black paints. 
[I was inspired by Gotye's song, "Somebody That I Used To Know"]

And today,I'm chilling perfectly. I was supposed to do some houseworks because my mom has started to work at a grocery but after it, I'm totally free :)! I was bored so I painted my nail... and the outcome sucks. Allow for that it's the first time to me(I'm doing something for "the first" pretty often thesedays), It's not half-bad

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Vintage Ring! The first time, I like it so much

Hej!(I saw it at Swede's Blog:D) Nowadays I want to learn Swedish or French so badly! I like to learn languages so I'm planning to learn Chinese and Japanese(Japanese is not a choice though) in a year. I speak only two languagesㅡEnglish and koreanㅡnow, But I'm going to speak at least 4 languages! I have a lot of things to learn and do in a year!
  • Fashion design
  • Japanes and Chinese
  • Maybe French as well
  • Going on a diet
  • Reading books as many as I can
  • Etc :P
I think many affairs will happen so I'm always excited about it although that will wear me out! Well, I'm talking drivel.. Anyway,I found kind of vintage brooch and It reminded me of making a vintage ring. So I made a ring. I don't have the picture of original brooch, but I have pictures of halfway of process.

  1. This picture is when I about had finished to make the ring. I stuck those small imitate diamonds around the yellow stone and I came close to sticking my fingers during this process! (I was proud of myself when I was taking this picture) 
  2. And the outcome! As you can see, Some diamonds had come off while I was taking away some useless parts at the rim of it , but It is kind of vintage, so it doesn't matter at all or It's better than a perfect shape haha:)
  3. I wore it immediately after I had finished to glue the stone with a ring that I had bought at a statoinery store. I do love my first work of jewelry! It saddens me that I can't wear this ring at my school all day long(Please Korea...Let me wear jewelries!).

And this is just a neat picture that I have taken in the stationery store when I went there to buy a ring. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Classic! I don't like Mickey Mouse or something like that but I like the color of it*

Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer's coming up, but still It's cool and perfect time to go to a beach to join the wind and the smell of the sea

I went to a beach few days ago and after it, I have been so busy with everything. , I think I have accomplished a lot of things for a few days as well. Anyway, Let's talk about the day!

I was just so bored, so I had decided to go to the beach to do some of my homeworks. And I went! I could find that there're some people who were watching me studying on the beach. I didn't give a damn. I studied English words and now I don't remember what I have studied because I couldn't concentrate on it! The best part of this beach is where I was sitting(Except there're some flying bugs). 
Many people envy about my small town have got a beach, but in my humble opinion, it depends on how do you have a perspective of your town. You probably find some good places to take a rest.


(look at my weird and abberrantly small little finger!)

I have brought some beautiful and neat stones to draw something on it. I drew a unicorn and an angel. It was kind of hobby so I didn't do my best(Who doese their best just for their hobbies? Is there anyone?)I drew it with my 4B pencil so It's not good.

Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others. Do as you would be done by. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Sleeveless shirts(Summer is coming up!)

Wow, already 2th June! Time flies haha :) And It's already my 9th post.... Here's getting hot and I need to go shopping with my fingers to the Internet world Yayyy(Or I will go shopping with my best male friend;the only person who loves shopping and hanging out everytime among my friends.) I'm going to buy sleevelesses in this summer, because I don't have any baggy sleeveless. I want the third one(right) from ROW. I had not heard about ROW before but my friend has introduced it to me just a few days ago. You'd better check ROW becuase there's a lot of things to enjoy!

Ladies and Gentle men, from now on, Here're sleevelesses that I want to get and take a photo shoot with wearing them right now!(I can't help imagining me with these) Make me shopping addict!



or I'd like to wear things like this.
*I need to go shopping right now*

But sadly, I don't have money and blogging is the only way I satisfy myself. you could help me with money to go shopping.. haha I'm wishing that I have decided to don't do-I wish I had enough money to buy all the stuffs that I want!

I'm thinking about the things that make my life poor

Hmmm I'm thinking about a lot of things right now, like how I have acted until now. I think I'm always wearing a mask on my face and trying to look like another person. I had counseling before and the consultant said that I'm wearing too many masks on my face; I remember that moment clearly.

To tell the truth, I'm really passive and lazy. I like to be alone or just one or two friends who are really close with me. And usually I don't like social activities...... I'd rather draw the wall in my room if I need to do fake with surrounded by many people. Ah, the most important thing! I'm not a leader at all. I'm not good at leading people at all because I need to be led first before I lead people Hahaha xD 

But in my school, I'm the most cheerful and brave student! And actually I'm so brave about everything except myself. 

So here're the things that I want to be/tell/show...etc;

1. Hey, I like girls who like girls. I'm bi.; It's the most difficult thing to be or tell to my friends. Hopefully, none of one of my friends don't understand it. Hey, If you're one of my friend and understand it, please let me know.

2. Saying 'NO'. I accept almost askings from my friends, not because I'm an idiot. I read books about Audrey and Angelina(they're my life role model). They were just so nice and loved to help people. I was trying to do that. But I realized that I'm not a person like them! I can help people or poor African children, but not people who never tell me even "thank you" when I help them.

3. Not being swayed by people. I usually swayed by people around me or some awesome people in autobiographies! Like I told you, Audrey and Angelina have swayed me and other people like Anna Wintour, Hillary Clinton, Jackie...etc. It's not bad to be inspired or impressed but not good to try to just "be them".

4. I want to believe that I'm the best in "EVERY MOMENT".
I don't mean that I want to conceit but I be proud. It's similar with that I don't want to be swayed. Whew... But especially, when I see Swedishes....... My life's going to the hell(Study from 8am till 6pm in school and study more for 2 hours at home), I'm so comparable with them and It always sway me. I know that not every Swedish are happy meanwhile I'm doing something another except searching pictures of Swedish Haha

Well, I have a lot more but I'm gonna think of them by myself in this weekend(Yay!).
That will be more helpful than being worried about things now, studying goddamn factorization and finishing one work at the same time ....!{Here's the work! I like it and I just found that I used something wrong grammar(no hates->no hate)}