Sunday, 16 September 2012

inspired by

 inspired by Lara
 inspired by myself
 inspired by usual days
inspired by random feeling

drawing and me

This is just me, I had my hair cut a few weeks ago.,. maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago? I dont remember clearly P: By the way I like my new hair, I really love it even though it's not long at all, just it makes me special and different fom others, it's my own mood and style in my school :3 also im on diet and losing weight, i've lost 6kg until now, I wish I can reach my point 45kg. im 155cm so it's not that thin even I really acheive this goal so LETS KEEP IN SHAPE.
I took a photo of myself via my sister's phone, it's Samsung Galazxy 3. I always see samsung and apple are having a fight. Both are stupids. I dont like them fighting, why cant they just colaborate? That'd be freaking amzing craft which we havent experienced before! I prefer apple though P: I wanna get new iphone5! that was best appearance ever, 
design: Apple >>>>>Samsung
function: Apple <<<<< Samsung

I drew it curing class... I'm a bad student, I always dont listen the class but draw something on my sketch book :D teacher doesnt care, so who does? no one. It's totally my free time, taking the class seriously is definetly up to me so I? chose to draw at that time. and I like that owl, isnt it so cute x)?? It really saddens me that I cant draw things like this until I finish the exam. I have only 20 days left omg :o... do you think that I can be the top in my class or school? well.. we'll see. I wish everytime I could be on top although I don't study much. But I studied 7 hours by myself today in a library, isnt it amazing :D? can you imagine yourself concentrating in studying math... even it comes to logarithnic function?! Proud of MYSELF★ I'm gonna listen Adele-chasing pavements which has been my favourite from yesterday, love her voice and melody of the song.