Thursday, 31 May 2012


Neon and white colors were on trend, and I have found this drawing from my old(I always say it's "old" although my friends say "not at all") note books which I used to draw something on it every time. As I remember, I think I drew it during a biology class. I concentrated on my working of drawing and that's why I don't remember what was the class properly; and of course I couldn't hear what teacher was talking about, heh..;) It took almost 40 minutes to draw because Its size was pretty big to draw and it makes me hard to do with my small pen which I used when I take notes. How does this outcome look like:-)?

I would be really happy If I had a Chanel bag just like this oneI have drawn!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My inspiration and It has come like this.

I have been inspired by American Flags and British flags! So it comes like this.

Like I told you guys(go to my first post), I'm learning fashion design in a year so I'm planning to make everything that I draw before I go the second grade! It sounds so exciting, Isn't it? Ah, Something hit my head when I was on instagram(ioolooi: this is me, follow me if you want!), and I draw them all immediately(It sounds like I'm a professional fashion designer haha :-]) and that was super awesome...!
I think I would sell my works to my friends because all of my friends who have seen my designs told me that definetely, they're going to buy what I will make.
Come on,I'm conceitting! Won't you compliment me? Anyway, Those were the sweetest compliments(or flatterings) in my life...... Yayyy!

The Things that could inspire you like I was inspired ;

Actually, I'm so in need with the fourth one from "Top Shop".
I saw it before at another blog and I went "Oh, My...!"*

Monday, 28 May 2012

Neat Types

Some of my works of "Neat Type"

Oh God, I just removed my post by mistake! How stupid it is! I need to write it all again. Well, I should write it like I'm writing it for the very first time!(Nevertheless I have already had it removed)

I have created some banners to use at my blog. The last one looks very similar with the now one(actually the same design). But I drew it again on a sheet of paper to compare with other things and make it more clear. At the end of the day, which is the neatest thing and which one will go with my blog the most. Current one were drawn via Adobe Photoshop CS3, with a mouse(This is why the current "Neat type" looks slovenly!). Someone might say I'd better change nothing but I don't think so, I just want to make my blog neater than now :)Am i too picky or something like that? Whew, Finally I have finished to restore it to its original state!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Food porn

Hello there, This is my first neat thing which has some photos.
These photos are taken by me via my IPhone4 black.
And other photos I upload will be taken this way also.
Well, let's start!

Just to get over things around us, I eat and you eat(not to breathe or be alive).
Eating is run of the mill but menus are not because of my goddamn tongue; I never eat one kind of dish-I always at least I set six kinds of dishes for every single meal.

Foods never betray-always they're on their ways whenever I want or need them.

Just Fresh Tomatoes, Homemade Coffee and Cookies are my fetish. Tomatoes are best. They never give me much kcals and looks nice because of its colour and shape. Look at the tomatoes, aren't they neat? In the other hand, coffee has much kcals and sometimes I hesitate to drink.... haha:) But the smell and taste of it lure me. Most of all, I can make it very easily -I only need well-heated milk and some other things and I can get them easily in my house. So I eat it the most. For the last... Oh! Cookies! "Nantucket" is the most recent cookie that I have eaten. Actually the price is high, but It's worth to willingly comply their request of money. Whew,

Oh, I almost forget, Thanks for your help, Jordan!

This is the very first time

Hello, I'm a rookie of this site, I have dreamed of having my own blog since I was 14, and I'm really happy to get started it!
I have seen Tavi's blog, So mine could be similar. Actually, starting is already very similar!
I'm so excited about to share and upload my works and photos, so I'm sure It will be the funniest recreation in my daily life.
Also It will help my sense of fashion(I'm studying fashion design in a year, so please wait for my works of fashion design!).
I'm planning to upload

  • My interests
  • My works of drawing and art
  • My life style
  • Things about Fashion
  • Things about Music
  • People
  • What I'd like to conceit[;)]
  • Everything I want to share and talk

*All things can be changed*
See you soon with my neat interests*, Sabrina