Sunday, 27 May 2012

This is the very first time

Hello, I'm a rookie of this site, I have dreamed of having my own blog since I was 14, and I'm really happy to get started it!
I have seen Tavi's blog, So mine could be similar. Actually, starting is already very similar!
I'm so excited about to share and upload my works and photos, so I'm sure It will be the funniest recreation in my daily life.
Also It will help my sense of fashion(I'm studying fashion design in a year, so please wait for my works of fashion design!).
I'm planning to upload

  • My interests
  • My works of drawing and art
  • My life style
  • Things about Fashion
  • Things about Music
  • People
  • What I'd like to conceit[;)]
  • Everything I want to share and talk

*All things can be changed*
See you soon with my neat interests*, Sabrina

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