Sunday, 27 May 2012

Food porn

Hello there, This is my first neat thing which has some photos.
These photos are taken by me via my IPhone4 black.
And other photos I upload will be taken this way also.
Well, let's start!

Just to get over things around us, I eat and you eat(not to breathe or be alive).
Eating is run of the mill but menus are not because of my goddamn tongue; I never eat one kind of dish-I always at least I set six kinds of dishes for every single meal.

Foods never betray-always they're on their ways whenever I want or need them.

Just Fresh Tomatoes, Homemade Coffee and Cookies are my fetish. Tomatoes are best. They never give me much kcals and looks nice because of its colour and shape. Look at the tomatoes, aren't they neat? In the other hand, coffee has much kcals and sometimes I hesitate to drink.... haha:) But the smell and taste of it lure me. Most of all, I can make it very easily -I only need well-heated milk and some other things and I can get them easily in my house. So I eat it the most. For the last... Oh! Cookies! "Nantucket" is the most recent cookie that I have eaten. Actually the price is high, but It's worth to willingly comply their request of money. Whew,

Oh, I almost forget, Thanks for your help, Jordan!

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