Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My inspiration and It has come like this.

I have been inspired by American Flags and British flags! So it comes like this.

Like I told you guys(go to my first post), I'm learning fashion design in a year so I'm planning to make everything that I draw before I go the second grade! It sounds so exciting, Isn't it? Ah, Something hit my head when I was on instagram(ioolooi: this is me, follow me if you want!), and I draw them all immediately(It sounds like I'm a professional fashion designer haha :-]) and that was super awesome...!
I think I would sell my works to my friends because all of my friends who have seen my designs told me that definetely, they're going to buy what I will make.
Come on,I'm conceitting! Won't you compliment me? Anyway, Those were the sweetest compliments(or flatterings) in my life...... Yayyy!

The Things that could inspire you like I was inspired ;

Actually, I'm so in need with the fourth one from "Top Shop".
I saw it before at another blog and I went "Oh, My...!"*

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