Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Loveholic, no more Workaholic

oh god... oh God!! I'm in love♥ I'm in love with the most beautiful girl in the world! It was very first time for me to confess my crush to another. she's one year older than me, even we havent known for a long time, I could felt something big from her... And I have never confessed my feeling of love to others before. But I confessed my feeling first for the very first time in my life :D actually it can be dangerous to be in a relationship with someone I still dont know well, But I felt like the moment was the last chance to take, so I had to grab it, i dont know why :(<3 love is always question mark! I was talking with her through chat (I found it's hard to go to meet her right the time because I had to be with my little sister and help some houseworking, you know, houseworking never gone), I cant help feeling sad of that I couldnt see her exactly at that time. I made an appointment to meet over this Sunday, how will it be to meet as a couple, not a friend?

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  1. keep doin what your doing girl you amazing lets be friends ?
    http://natwest-thatgirl.blogspot.co.uk dont be a stranger