Saturday, 20 October 2012

books and butterflies

you know, I like books and butterflies. and I just mixed them together. 

Lets ramble around about recent days, I found that I'm in workaholic. I needed some advice from others and just have decided to give time for myself. I didn't do anything all day long today, It worked so good! I'm feeling great now, no more depressed or overwhelmed.  Even I want to work haha :P but no working and stress today, I'm gonna have a rest perfectly for the last time of today :).
 Also I'm planning to teach students who's younger than me or friends of mine who is not good at English. Actually I'm not that perfect, but I'm pretty good at English at least in Korea. So I'm finding people who want to learn from me, Ah, It's hard to make money!x)It will be really rewarding anyway... I'm so excited to make money by myself now, since Korean teenagers get allowance from their parents.
and I'm in love with Lana Del Rey, As you guys know, she's amazingly talented. Born to die and Ride<3 I like her vintage things!